mercredi 1 février 2012

Taiwan - First Day Longshan temple


the first breackfast, I ate a fried rice paste kind of pancake with red beans inside, that was the online time.
I'm not familiar with fried and salty food at breackfast !!
Yu Chen is eating a special drink from northern China, composed of rice alcohol and egg.
They put alcohol and rice in a jar for one month and you eat that for breakfast.
its called "tien-jio-nien" which literally means: sugar, l'acohol and brew.

la vue du balcon

the sight from yu chen 7th floor appartement.
you can see the MRT ( the undeground which is not underground).

yuyu outif

yuyu's outfit

nig lantern

a big lantern at Londshan temple, you have to pass under it .

longshan temple roof

the roof of Longshan temple, it was very very crowded for the first day of the year.

women praying


the gifts for the temple.



l'année du dragon

it's the year of the dragon.



les galettes de poireaux

galette made with flour and leeks, one of my favourite !!


snake alley

in this market there is a restaurant where you can eat snake, just a dull touriste attraction ;)


betel nut

the famous betel nut, please do not eat.


the coolest store.

le petit bonhomme vert

the little green men who runs.


taiwanese girl



I definitley don't like duck.

tres vous

so many shops have french name, that doesn't really mean something (like coterie).

seven eleven

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