jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Daily Xmas 2010 bissssss


bloomer green

croissant patisserie valérie

petite culotte

roast chicken  Côte

pissaladière Côte

Lunch at Côte
there is several Côte in London, they serve nice kind of french food, but when you are
use to your grand'ma cooking it's hard to didn't compare !!
but it's really nice and don't expensive !!

green ridding hood

she is wearing an american apparel cap
and a beyond retro bloomer

mardi 28 décembre 2010

Daily Xmas 2010 with My sister

velvet bow

Zoophytes Ödland

The 33 tours of Ödland, but i didn't have any stuff to listen it !!


st paul waiting

hot chocolat

chai latte

Waiting for the Xmas carols next to St Paul, we came too late to came in, it began at 16h we were here at 15h15 ~ 15h30 !!

pâtes disney

princess pasta

My pastas that I brough back from Disneyland Paris, in princess shapes !!

vendredi 24 décembre 2010

Paris at le Marais with little froggy !!!!

bar vintage

rue des rosiers

Rue des Rosiers
where there are my favourite vintage shop : vintage desir I bought a pair of brown leather flat boots, a scarf with a map of the Côte d'Azur, and a high waist wool long skirt!

yuyu in vanessa bruno

My dear friend Yuyu with her Vanessa Bruno's dress

chocolats à l'ancienne 2

chocolat à l'ancienne

We eat the best Chocolat à l'ancienne ever at L'étoile manquante a coffee place in Le marais rue vielle du temple, or next to rue sainte croix de la bretonnerie .


tuile aux amandes

sablé lunette à la confiture

frog door

yuyu the piclet

Paris at Disneyland, become a child again !

disney garden

steven lace

pink sweet house



horror house

dead house

train de la mine

alice's door

take a cup

brioche mickey

night light


steven mustache


Back in Childhood at disneyland Paris
eat mickey mouse brioche, take the Space montain 2 times
wait 1 hour and more to take le train de la mine, take the wrong way for the RER
so cold OMG but so cool, all the shop are selling the same stuff but anyway you 're going inside to see iff there something better or anything !

This place is out of time and space, you are in another world !!

vendredi 10 décembre 2010

St Nicholas tooting graveyard


on action



pendu ?

murder is easy

une silhouette


grave yard St Nicolas

snow cross


the angel


grave 3

The graveyard of Tooting.
Most of the graves are from the end of the 19 century !!!!

So mysterisous, during the winter, only cats, birds, and foxes go through it .

coat : alain manoukian
skirt : EMMAUS
shoes : flip flop