mercredi 8 février 2012

Taiwan Day Five - Hualien ou la petite Côte d'Azur de Taiwan


little planes crackers




we arrived in Hualien, a small city next to the East Coast. 3 hours to the south from Taipei.
After drop our luggage in the B&B room, we rent a scooter to visit the town.
With a beautiful sun ( I had to remove my thights and boots, and with my short dress I think all Hualien had see my underwear !!), we stop at a american look a like restaurant.
We stayed there for 1,2 hours maybe, eating and playing warship !!
But with the different language that we were speaking, the difference between the french and english prononciation of the"e"; we finally stop.

We did some shopping to get me a nice pair of sunglasses.


on the road



We bought some Magi ( a speciale chinese new year cake) and went to the beach .

sea shore

yu chen sea


hualien sky

The Beach was wide, and the sea was wild. nothing compare to the mediterranee, you can see it's the ocean.
it was forbidden to swin cause the sea is very deep !!!
And the rocks were so clean !! I bring some back !

poor turtle

light house

And we had a tea party in a nice coffee shop where Yu Chen read a book about french cheese in chinese !!

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