lundi 27 octobre 2014

SABOTAGE, 1936, Alfred Hitchcock

This sailor suit !!!! 

Last week I finally went back to my local library, to have look at their movies selection. I always end up with 10 in my hand, with no idea which one to choose.
 Anyway I left with 4, among them one of the early Hitchcock. It's part of a collection of what is called his "British years".  
Sabotage is a really good one. I liked the fact that some scenes were shot in Famous part of London. The actress Sylvia Sidney has such a pretty face, and her 30s suits are so well tailored. She is married to a mysterious man who seems to be absent form his house during a city light blackout. His wanders are being watch by an undercover cop, who took the job as the grocer next door to the little cinema that is run by the couple. Obviously he's quite keen on the young wife, and rather protective over her younger brother. 

There is 2 important quite stressful tense scenes, very well played. You can definitely feel what genre Hitchcock will master in his most important films. 

The dinner scene !!! 

Some more pictures of pretty Sylvia Sidney.

One of Sylvia Sidney's latest role was as Juno in Beetlejuice.

lundi 13 octobre 2014

Bath in a flash

  Two weeks ago, I finally visited Bath. Two friends and I took a bus to the Jane Austen city. I was happy to see through the window the cute cottages, as we were arriving in the town. So British !!
As we were wandering in the main high street for a nice pub to have lunch, a guy came to us. We were really surprised and glad. As he had some time to spare, he offered to lead us to a good pub he knew in a nearby street.
We had a really nice chat. He was from Bath, and told us he liked the city partly because, nearly wherever you looked, you could see the forest, and trees throughout the streets. It so nice to feel surround by nature !
He advised us a few streets to go, and pointed our attention to the architecture of the main buildings. For example, the crescent, the queen square and the circus, were all linked together, and maybe used to mean something quite magical or linked to witchcraft or the like, in the old days. So mysterious !

We had a nice full lunch in the Raven, and then visit the Roman Bath. A bit too expensive, and no very well explained, or guided, for a museum. They should put more money in the signage, or choose what they want to show, because well, a bit of moss on an antic stone is not so exotic. But maybe we should have taken the audio guide. héhé ! But well, you have to see it anyway. A roman antic bath, in a English city !!! So unusual !
We had a very short time in the town, so we went to have a snack in the park in front of the Crescent. I was a bit disappointed, as I was expecting something grandiose, like in The Duchess. But it’s lovely, to be honest, an then, suddenly, some hair balloon start to fly from behind the building. It was quite magic.
If we had more time, I wish to have wandered in the streets, visit some more vintage shops. we found an antic market just closing down as we were going back to the bus station. And time to visit the park near the river, or just go in a bar of a coffee shop and chilled.
But next time. Bath I will be back ! You’re so charming ! Actually, it’s seems a nice city just to go and learn English for a short while.

Joao and I . 

I just like this picture.

The Circus 

oh yes, I want a vintage Vuitton.

A mysterious street. 

Ciao Bath !

I was trying a vintage hair do, for the first time, with this great tutorial. So it was a bit weird to see me with curly hair ! 
But I will try again, I need to get better !

Shirt: Vintage from Absolute Vintage, Hanbury Street.
Cardigan: & Other Stories
Trousers, bag : Second-hand from Princess May Car Boot Sale, in Dalston.
Brogues: Vintage from Mero retro, in Clapton.

All the picture of us are taken by my friend Germana !

dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Two Weeks in Lyon

Never I will be bored of the charming city of Lyon. Being scared of not having a proper summer (hot weather+being out of London), I was glad to found a sunny month of September, in my home town. My 2 weeks where filled with bicycle rides to my best friend's flat. The usual drink on a boat, alongside the docks of one of the two rivers that separate Lyon. I finally went to the musée Gadagne dedicated to the history of Lyon. The building is beautiful, especially the stain glasses windows and the staircase. 

I bought this lovely h&m vase for my mom, and having no flower to put in, I stole a few from the plant of the public square. 

I love those random street concert ! It gives such heart to a city. 

The famous brioches à la Praline.

The antique market called : Les Puces du Canal

Le Domaine de Clairefontaine, where we went to have lunch, as my cousin works there as a Patisserie Chef. We had loads of goodies because he knew we were coming ! It was so good !!! 

la cathédrale de Lyon.