jeudi 14 mars 2013

Closet visit - inspiration

Cathy Cooper 

A visit in the great blog closet visit . Full of inspiration, sunny pictures that makes me want to be in summer, inspiring people, and amazing pictures !!

Marlien Rentmeester


Karolina  Maszkiewicz

Matilde Riccardi from the enchanteresse video

Allison Miller


Hannah Byun
Hannah Byun

samedi 2 mars 2013

Balade le long du canal.

While Valentina and I were wainting for our coffees at Broadway market, this morning .
After a jasmine green tea at La Bouche, I left my friend and bought a roast hog sandwich and went by walk along the canal to Mile End, under the sun. It was lovely.
Outfit of the day, with my new vintage gap dungarees brough at Urban Outfitters, yesterday.
duffle coat: Uniqlo
scarf, cardigan, bag: vintage
sparkly socks: Urban Outfitters
shoes: old, bought in France

 The band that plays sometimes in front of Urban Outffiters in Covent Garden, was in Broadway Market this saturday ( ahh I already forgot their name, it starts with Rum though ).

 Roast hog with marinated with rosemary and fennel with roquette and apple sauce in a french stick. (there was no ciabatta roll left) at Broadway Market - I had sauce everywhere after - but  humm delicious .