mercredi 3 juin 2015

Lost in Ostia Antica

With your tube ticket you can take a 30 min train from Pyramide station, to get to Ostia Antica ! The ruin of an antic city. You can get lost, like really lost, in the ancient Roman bath, house, pillars, etc. It's lovely to have a picnic there. Not far from Ostia Antics you can find Lido de Ostia, which is the beach !!! But don't do like us, that thought we could reach in 10 min, the sea, from Ostia Antica. We walked on the side of a rather high speed road, under the burning sun. We end up jumping on a bus, the driver said "don't buy a ticket, it's just 4 stop to the Lido !". Hahah ok.
Being on the beach was so nice !!! You have to walk a bit before you'll find a public beach, as most of them are private. The water was too cold, to swim completely, but just lying in the sand ! Then we walked in this cute seaside town, and had an amazing ice cream !! I felt summer ! Of course you can find better looking seaside place in Italy, but this one is so easy to go to from Rome. It's really convenient.

Getting Lost in Naples

The deal of this trip was to go to Florence. But the tickets were so expensive that we decided to go to Naples instead. A day trip during a trip! So great! I love taking trains. It was probably a good thing that we went to Naples, as the train to Florence was delayed.
My friend warned me a bit about Naples, but it was ok. You get off the station and you already find street markets selling fake luxury items. People speak to you randomly in the shops. I don't speak a word of Italian, but it doesn't matter they keep on talking haha.
Of course as soon as I see a vintage shop we have to go in. So we met the lovely Claudia in her newly opened shop. She told her great story. Her shop was so cute, and she really has a good selection. I bought a nice green light cropped jacket for 15€. She had beautiful ceramic dolls around we shop. It was such a nice encounter. We wondered in the city, looking at the degraded buildings, tasting the real original pizza, and eating all the special pastries from Naples. Next time I have to see all the churches, as they close at certain times during the day. I feel this city I alive and, full of people that lives there, because there was less tourist than in Rome.

aaaaa you can't get enough !!!!