mardi 24 août 2010






Emily wotten

On the advice of a friend I decided to put some of my drawing on my blog.
Actually I draw all the times, but I never put it online, because most of the times I draw just like that, because I like to do 2 stuff in the same times ( like watching TV and draw ).
So this drawings are the only one I have in London ! And I just wanted to draw and paint, so that it !
For the moment I don't wanna to talk about the inspiration for this drawing, because I don't the people reconize it, because it's not really obvious ! Perhaps later. And sorry for this because this drawing are not perfect, because I draw and after I look and I thing oh no the head is bigger than the bodyn the hands too blabalaa, and as i don't use a rubber, because sometimes I don't use a pencil soo !!
Ok enjoy it !

dimanche 22 août 2010

Holloway Road

holloway road

vintage shop

vintage shop 1

vintage shop 2

vintage shop 3

Hi I went to holloway road, meet some people at the yard sale, but It was nearly ending so
and I didn't dare to take picture such a shame on me !!!!
but I discoverd a vintage shop, next the tube station, so good with cheaper prices than beyond retro or other vintage shop !!! so good
dresses at 15 £, some skirt at 1£ or 7£ !!!!

"Soldiers and Sailors and Planes up above, all Careless Talk and Careless Love "

Up above




Careless love

The Edge Of Love

Careless Talk

Jacket : Emmaus
Tee shirt: H&M man
skirt : Beyond retro
thights : ASOS

CD buy on Amazone

Today I will be going to the "yard sale" plan by Susie from Style Bubble !

mercredi 18 août 2010


no man's land walking on it

no man's land water

Greenwich no man's land

greenwich no man's land grey

no man's land hands

no man's land pockets

no man's land blue

no man's land leather

man walking on no man's land

no man's land reflect

no man's land denim

no man's land lost

no man's land outfit

no man's land build

no man's land save

no man's land sit on the hill


no man's land show detail

no man's land cuivre

no man's land rain

no man's land towers

no man's land backstage

Model : Laurent
Photographe : Amélie R.
Style and editorial : Carine O.

Place : Greenwich next to the edges of Thames, near of the O2

mardi 17 août 2010

London Fabrics


blague !




vaisselle the clothouse

Cloth House
beautiful fabrics shop in Soho
berwick street



the hours

Dress, belt, shoes, legging : H&M
Jacket : vintage
Brooches: mama's little babies
nail polish : american appareal

the cat sat on the mat