lundi 23 décembre 2013

The Candlelight Club - Christmas Party at the Porchester Hall

Last Saturday I went for the Christmas party organized by the Candlelight Club,
 at the Porchester hall.

"The Candlelight Club is a clandestine pop-up cocktail bar in a secret London venue, a stunning, tucked-away den with a 1920s speakeasy flavour, completely lit by candles. Each party offers a one-off cocktail menu, with special themes, plus dancing to live 1920s jazz bands and vintage DJing." 

I was very happy to know the music and try to twist my mary-jane on the wooden floor.
It was a lovely nice evening, all the room was light by candle, the cocktail were very good, very christmasy, with their plumps, apple purée or cherry juice.
Everybody was dressed up, and Emma and I took the opportunity to have out pictures taken. 
Hope you like the outfits.

The stars decoration on the table ended up on our cheeks.

( sorry for my crappy Iphone pictures, hé the room was light by candles !)

I am wearing:
Kimono with fur scarf sawed beforehand on the edge, necklace : vintage
Earrings, hair piece: Urban Outfitters
Dress, bangles: H&M 

The Bee's Knees performed amazingly and in rhythm !!
check this video.

Some inspirations for my outfit.

Louise Ebel alias Miss Pandora. (I love her)

Paz de La Huerta in Boardwalk Empire.

Clara Bow for a soft smokey eye.

Angela Lansbury in Death On The Nile, of course, of course !!!!!

And Clara Bow again for the mix fur-kimono-satin-silk.

jeudi 12 décembre 2013

Charity Shop Treasures

Last friday I went to the charity shops near my house, in Wood Green . It's not as trendy as Brick lane and the rest of the East, but hey, I always found great stuff ! 
Among them 4 books (here are just three because one of them is a Christmas present for my sister).
I found so many great stuff that day that I had to call her to help me choose what to take (I left the vintage penguin edition of one of Agatha Christie's novel). What a dilemma for such a low price you will tell me, but I don't live in a football stadium, so I have to reduce my visits to those Alibaba cavern.

First, this book, gathering all The Beatles's pictures that appeared in the Daily Mail from 1960 until 2004. All in black and white, I love to see the evolution of their style, it's quite inspiring. I can't help looking again and again, the 70s period is quite good.

This book strikes me because of its old school cover. So I had to look at it.
The children's village was created just after WWII for the orphan kids of the war.
Several people thought of creating a village for them, to contribute to their development, and to strengthen them. All from different nationality, they learn to live together, those villages still exist, there is one in England, Sussex. The organization still also exist.
I like the pictures of the kids, you can see their daily life in the village, and I like the childrens outfits during WWII.

Another book about the war (well I'm very much interested in that part of the History), the memory of a famous English singer, Vera Lynn. I never heard of her before finding her best of album, in a Library in Mile End. It's not the best 40s music, but I guess when you were a soldier at that time, it might have melted your heart, and give you courage on the front.
I'm looking forward to read her experience of the war. The pictures are really good. One in particular of a woman pushing a buggy while holding a gun, with a soldier facing her.
Of course, I like the style of the 40s very much, so it's a good source of inspiration.

And I found a nice wool pencil skirt, that I can't wait to wear tomorrow. As well as this dress from Joy, that still had the tag, and the hard tag on. The fit is so perfect for me, I love that dress because I can wear as a pinafore with shirts underneath!!  I cant believe it's so expensive in the shop and I got it for £6 !! And it has a cut out at the back, and pockets !!

Well, my sister and I went back to the same charity shops today. She got me that Agatha Christie's book for Christmas yeepeee. And we found other treasures of course !!!

dimanche 1 décembre 2013

Lore (2012)

Yesterday I watched Lore. I like when movies are set during World War II, the clothes of the children are very cute, with flowery prints, nice knitted cardigan.
This movie was really nice and sad. Just as the victory of the allies is declared those siblings have to go on a journey to go to live with their aunt, as their parents have to be taken to prison, because of their dad's role as a SS. their is not much dialogues but what you see is powerful.