mardi 25 février 2014

Patterns Of Magnificence

Making some research on internet, and looking through a mountain of blogs of all kind is a tough work. Well I thought, it's been a long time I haven't checked on Susie Bubble's own. I dare say, I'm glad I did. Her blog is quite rich of informations and pictures, maybe sometimes the length of the text put me off, and I feel overwhelm by the flow.
And then this article about a costume exhibition going on at The Hellenic Center, a place I never heard off, strike me straight away. I must see this by myself, it's ending this Sunday !! And what no more convincing than a video presentation by Mario Schawb.
So by this Monday sunny matinee, here I go near Baker Street, to that curious place to admire Greek Costume from the 19th - 20th  century gathered under the name of Patterns of Magnificence
What a blow, it's beautiful, the embroidery work, the mix of pattern on the outfits, the hair pieces, the different layers! My arts and history classes, from High school and Uni came back to me. It's a shame those little gems of exhibition are not enough well known, but I'll keep my eyes open !

dimanche 23 février 2014

A quiet little Sunday

This Sunday I finally had the time to make a pillow cover, for that ikea cushion I got. I reuse the fabric of a blouse I made during my Uni years, out of samples of fabrics from a 80s brand I think, that I found, lost in the photocopy room.

 It look greats next to the other one I got, and little Totoro loves it !

And I prepare my trip to Paris !!! I haven't been there in nearly 3 years.
I bought a japanese book that gathered shop that sells antics, and second hand objects and curiosity in Paris.
I don't understand a word of Japanese, but the book doesn't lack in pictures, and all I need is the address and I can check by myself.
It's the second book I have from the Paumes edition . The first one being about vintage shops in London, again very nice and the selection is good. They have a very nice selection of volume about interiors i

lundi 17 février 2014

Claire Barrow - London Fashion Week - AW 2014-15

During my little wandering inside the Somerset House, my eye was stricken by the collection of Claire Barrow. She was part of this season NEWGEN, sponsored by Topshop.
I really like her illustration that she used as a printed on her clothes. You can see the face of famous men who died, like Bruce Lee and a very nice portrait of Serge Gainsbourg, among others.

Serge Gainsbourg

 This is leather !!!!!!

Bruce Lee

vendredi 14 février 2014

Eudon Choi - London Fashion week - AW 2014

This London Fashion Week, I was happy to be able to discover more closely the designer Eudon Choi. The show started with the sound of hysterical fan shouting, loudly. You could think The Beatles were about to pop out, and play one of their famous tunes.
But instead the show open with the pretty face of a ginger haired model, named Anastasia Ivanova.
And there we go, a match of checked coats and jackets, stands up collars, asymmetric flared sleeves, colorful suede 70s inspired shoes, knitted mitten, and beautiful immaculate one piece. The outfits Rock'n'Roll on 60s hit and I can get no (more) satisfaction. 
All what I love !!