dimanche 12 février 2012

Taiwan Day nine - Alone in Taipei

from the national palace

national palace


After her parents drop Yu Chen at work, they drop me at the Palace Museum.
I spent 2 hours there, seeing, poterie, painting, furnitures, very interesting and nice.
I wish I knew more about asian history.

in the toilet

the pink toilet in the tube

After with a very precise map I get to the center ( the toilet in the tube, there is some every where).

sogo entrance

just next to hello kitty café


hello kitty lustre

hello kitty cake

pink apron

Well the Hello Kitty café was an intersting experience. I t was quite cold there, the wifi wasn't working, the menu was in chinese, and no one was really speaking english, so I choose my order from the pictures.
Anyway, It doesn't worth Laduré, but I went that's all !!







café costumice

An Yu Chen join me later, and we went to the café Costumice, it has a kind of London ambiance.
the temperature was perfect and we felt we were in Lyon.
the best evening to end up my trip.

taiwan outfit

A glance of what I bought in Taipei.

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