lundi 26 mai 2014

Antics Memories from my Smena Symbol camera

Here is some pictures from the roll of film I just made develop. So it's a mix of London, Rome and France ! The thingy to pass to the next pictures is broken, so sometimes the pictures superposed, at the end the result is so interesting ! I love it !

John Keat's grave, in Rome.

dimanche 25 mai 2014

Arnold Circus & Columbia Road

This sunny Sunday my sister and I went to Columbia Road, for the flower market, where She bought some tomatoes plant, and I, some white lily. We passed by a shop that sold Portuguese goods, and where struck by the vegetables shaped dishes ! So hop! we bought a green cabbage salad bowl for our mum's birthday. But I wish I could buy them all, the cheese dishes, the two little oranges cup and saucer !!!

And then it was time for a nice breakfast at Leila's shop by Arnold circus. Where they have amazing simple cuisine in a rustic set, that they do with the homemade food that is sold next door (the raspberry jam is so good !!). I love this atmosphere, I feel transported back in the time when just one shop was selling everything you needed (those shop you can see in some TV show like Dc Queen, or Tales from Avonlea, or I guess The Little House In the Prairie).

 I'm wearing,
Dress, bag, hair comb: vintage
Cardigan, earrings :  & Other Stories
Sandales: Urban Outfitters
Brooche (hair clip), belt: H&M 

A nice antic and vintage shop called Rospo, that we had to go in; where you can find very nice thick cotton shirts, very nice wooden antics furniture and dishes, sailor and army outfit, even a nurse one ( I got to exited !)!!!!!

jeudi 22 mai 2014

Wandering In Rome

Well, it's been nearly a month that I have been back from Rome, but I didn't have time to make a selection among the numerous pictures that I took, and I'm waiting for the one from my old camera to be develop (hopefully there will be no problem with the film roll, like the last one!).
Rome is just wonderful, hopefully you won't be tired of looking through all those pics !!
I fell in love with Italy, and now I'm reading The Leopard, one of best know Italian book (The movie adapted by Visconti won the palme d'or in Cannes in 1967), and I borrowed some Italian classic movies at my local library, with Marcello Mastroianni !!! As well I made a playlist on spotify called Italia Mia with old fashioned Italian songs, I love listening to it ! 

Inside a block of flats in Via Marmorata, in Testaccio.

Yeah !! I'm in Rome !!

Isola Tiberina.

In Trastevere.

Via Della Luce, in Trastevere, apparently there is a famous bakery in that street, but it was closed when I went there.

Inside the Galleria Corsini, where there is a few nice sculptures (and apparently nice, and famous  paintings, but all lend to a exhibition in China, for the moment). 

Some view through the fence around Villa Farnesina. 

Isola Tiberina

Inside the little room where I stayed, in Testaccio ! It was so charming !

Some piece of the the Vatican Musuem.

Saint Peter.

Piazza del Popolo.

Climbing the steps towards the garden of the Villa Borghese, facing the Piazza del Popolo.

Via Margutta.

By the Spanish Steps.

Fontana di Trevi.

Insisde a building around the fountain of Trevi.

In the borough of Trastevere.

Piazza Farnese, by the Palazzo Farnese that contain the French Embassy, where I watch the canonization of the Popes !!!

A small lunch in a safe from rain coffee place, where I wrote my postcards; meanwhile some of the numerous Asian umbrella sellers were trying to make me buy one of their cheap brolly. But as a good Londoner, I always carry one with me.

I had a very interesting delicious pizza in this place. I recommend it strongly ! They have a nice range of small slices, that you can choose the size of, numerous variety of nuts, and Italian small cakes. I felt like it was a small kind of new-organic-whatever-cool café, that you can find in London !
here is the website. They have an article in Elle !

Some more picture of the the kitchen of the flat where I stayed!

A nice breakfast to start my day in Linari, a café near my flat, advise by my host. It's so interesting to see the Italians in there daily life, such as business men in suit, having a quick espresso standing at the bar of the cafe, and chatting to the waiter.

I was so so happy to be able to stay nearby the non-catholic cemetery of Rome, where Keats and Shelley are buried. The sun was shining after the rain, and my friend Germana, and I had a nice walk around the tombs. It was very peaceful, and it fell different compared to all the warm colored front building of Rome.

Some Italian Dolci in a bakery with a long name, I Dolci di Nonna Vicenza. Their patisserie are amazingly tasty !!!! 

A beautiful exhibition that I wasn't able to see in the very charming Chiostro Del Bramante. Just go and have a look its very pretty inside.

And finally, a little cut elephant statue nearby Largo de Argentina, where some musicians where playing some nice folk music.