lundi 27 septembre 2010

Champêtre D&G

I really fall in love with this collection !
I will never think to like D&G collection, because as a matter of fact it's not my favourite
but here it's what I love at the moment, the field, the flowers, the begining of spring
it's represent the simplicity of country life, for me
and it's so good
the playsuit, the scarf on the head, and the big canvas bag !!!
I want to be a little girl running in the wheat field.

vendredi 24 septembre 2010

what I like in London ss 11

Mary Katrantzou ss 11

Giles ss 11

jeudi 23 septembre 2010

NY Rodarte

My favourite collection from NY Fashion Week

Sweet sweet

La filoche

orange and avocado


Bag : homemade
Skirt : primark
Shoes : andré
jacket : vintage
shirt : carrone vintage
tights : h&m

I'm really happy because this weekend we have a photoshoot, and I made 3 dresses for this, so I'm looking forward to see them in moving ans everything.
I will put the picture as soon as it possible, I'm sure it will be great end beatiful !!

jeudi 16 septembre 2010

Slanelle Style Contest

This is the outfits that I send to Slanelle for her style contest
the price is a beautiful accessories from the nice brand Les dissonances !
Sorry I didn't smile a lot !
and the background is so bad !!!!
and I didn't take details pictures sorry sorry !!!

look country side

Jacket,shoes, skirt, belt : Vintage
tee-shirt : H&M
Socks : primark
earings : Acessories

look blue

Headband, dress, belt, shoes : H&M
Thight, jacket : primark
necklace : vintage
canvas bag from Monmouth coffee

look dadame

Jacket, thigts : primark
Bag : Beyond retro
Skirt : homemade
velvet head band : Topshop

look lace

Skirt , jacket : Primark
thigts : ASOS
shoes, glasses : vintage
shirt : homemade

look little child

short : H&M
shoes : andré
thigts: primark
belt, necklace : vintage
jacket : carrone vintage
shirt : cheap shop

dimanche 12 septembre 2010

Brick lane with Valentina

sky clouds

Brick Lane sky

orange thigts

2 bags

brick lane market

asian doll so cuute

silver legging


coffee place

really good coffee place !! in Brick Lane
sweet coffee place



american appareal skirt

vintage girl


brick lane

asian girl

market bis

2 girls


swing lesson


teddy bear jumper



ice cream


love peace


all in Brick Lane this Sunday !