mardi 30 novembre 2010

Backstage -photoshoot saturday London bridge

celine & miyuki

nails polish





Lovely girls I met at the photoshoot this saturday !
2 perfect make up artist and 2 lovely models !
and we done the photoshoot outside, and the models were so nice to support the freezing weather !
thank you all !
I want to see the pictures

mercredi 24 novembre 2010

IRM Design

This is a video to present the collection of some of my friends.
When I see that I was just can't say nothing, and very happy that they keep going create garments, photoshoot and fashion's stories, so I can't wait to put it here.
A hope a lot of people gonna see this, because I really love the concept this idea,
the contrast between the pale yellow shades, so clean and bright and the deep colors of the ink/paint stains and drops.
And actually I really like the music and the way that the clothes are showed.
Become fan of them on facebook

New items on my Etsy shop

les 3 filoches

sac à provisions verte et bleue

filoche orange remplie

2 filoches vertes

filoche verte et bleue

filoche orange

filoche verte

Those are the new items you can find on my Etsy shop .
Handbag made with a string bag ( sac à provisions ) in biologic cotton, with a cotton lining.
A little patch pocket in the inside.
I recycling those bags, as it is they can by use to carry other stuff than fruits or vegetables. Thanks to the lining, you can put everything you want, all things ladies need, and nothing will be jam between the net's holes !

handle : 25.50 cm
width : 37 cm
length : 42 cm

I put a blue-red-white galon on each items I made, so you can reconize them as mine !

I hope you gonna like them !!! You can see in the picture my little radio that I bought in a charity shop in Bethnal green, I'm so glad of it !

This a picture frome the lovely blog of Annushka !

jeudi 18 novembre 2010

Carrone Vintage in Brick Lane Vintage Market at Sunday

my creepers

More pictures here

and of course the website of Carrone Vintage

I'm wearing Creepers buy at
skirt frome EMMAUS
socks from primark

mardi 16 novembre 2010

My New Protegée : Mia Wasikowska

Suburban Mayhem (2006)

At the beginning I was not convaince about her in Alice In Wonderland, bur after more thinking,
I think I really like her perfomormances, I want to see restless the new Gus Van Sant.
And again an other adaptation of Jan Eyren but with a lot of great actors like Michael Fassenberg and Imogen Poots.

mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Movimiento-Valentina Fel at Notthing Hill Arts Club

the short

golden shoes

valentina & lucianna 2

our shoes

valentina sit

golden valentina

valentina & lucianna

valentina make up

valentina sing 2

valentina on the stage

valentina sing

valentina acordeon

valentina shoes

valentina fel

Let me introduce you my friend Valentina, who is a great electro singer : her myspace
I was very glad to see her performance, and I like it so muuuch ! it was so great !
and I love her outfit, her short is from Topshop, and her shoes from Office.
My friend Lucianna made her make up and the next time I will make her outfit !
We are nearly a little crew !!

jeudi 4 novembre 2010

écolière - bleu de travail






Shirt : bought in a cheap shop in Lyon
skirt : H&M garden collection
tights : American Appareal
shoes : emmaus
bracelets : Agatha, vintage & H&M

This sunday we gonna begin to sell our clothes at the Brick Lane vintage Market it will be so cool !