mardi 28 février 2012

" j'connais pas d'chansons" weekend at Durham

Nice weekend in Durham with my friend Rachel. Watching 'Les Choristes' (so much memories ouin ouin). nice lunch in the local coffee shop Flat White , and then have a look at the cathedral.
We bought some ingredients to make a grasshopper pie from the humming bird bakery book.
We had to whip the cream, while watching 'My Fair Lady' ! nice
Have dinner of a slamon risotto, and went out - Durham has not the kind of club I like but anyway!

we watch 'The dreamers', went again to Flat White, finish the day by watching 3 episodes on the OC while finishing the grasshopper pie

just a nice quiet weekend like I wanted !!

the street



the blessed picture

l o l

scones in the cage

Just receive a very nice compliment by a woman in Flat White cafe: ' I like your style, both of you. I really like individuality' ! so nice it never happened to me !
Thanks Durham !

sun in the street

Durham cathedral

The Cathedral

the flower girl



whipping cream on top

grasshopper pie

risotto dinner

statue sur la place Durham

flat white tea

flat white stag

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