jeudi 31 octobre 2013

At The Top

Sunday, we had breakfast at the Duck and Waffle
On the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in the heart of the City.
The sun was shinning through the window, it was amazing.
The breakfast was very nice, and not too much.

 Columbian Eggs with chorizo and avocado.

 English Breakfast.

 The mysterious inside garden.

Wearing Other Stories jumper.

And after we went to Dennis Severs's house.
It's a magic place, a house as it would be in the Victorian times.
It suppose to make you feel as if the family just left the house. So you have food, tea cups, newspaper letters, clothes, tools, wig, that lay around the 10 rooms. The cat is real, but not the birds unfortunately.
It feels more like an abandoned Victorian house squatted by maybe a family from the Victorian time, or either they should get rid off their current maid and buy a hoover !

mercredi 30 octobre 2013

Highgate Cemetery - London Treasure

Last week my parents came over to London. a
As it was their third time, it's harder to find some new stuff to do. 
But thankfully, London is full of resources.
So we visited Highgate Cemetery, near Archway. The autumn weather was perfect for this place.


 The grave of Carl Mayer, who worked on the scenario of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

mercredi 23 octobre 2013

Get In Line - Julia Hetta for Another 25th issue - styling Robbie Spencer

vendredi 18 octobre 2013

Baron Raimund Von Stillfried-Rathenitz

 Baron Raimund Von Stillfried-Rathenitz

" Biography (6th August 1839 – 12th August 1911)
Of Austrian roots, Baron Raimund Von Stillfried was known as Baron Raimund Von Stillfried-Rathenitz. After a career in the army, Stillfried moved to Yokohama and in 1875 opened a photography studio, Stillfried & Co.
Stillfried considered himself as a photographer-painter the approach of which was comparable to painting and which had a distinctive character to it.
Parallel to this activity, Baron Raimund Von Stillfried trained new Japanese photographers including Kusakabe Kimbei, whom he considered his spiritual son. In 1886, he sold most of his photographic collection to Kusakabe Kimbei before leaving Japan."

View and Costume of Japan.

Girl playing on gekin.

Fille de Shanghai.

One of Rainmud Von Stillfried-Rathnitz photography is currently exposed at the Brisith Musuem, for the exhibition ' Shunga, sex and pleasure in Japanese art '. very good exhibition.

mardi 15 octobre 2013

Much Ado About Nothing - Vanessa Redgrave

Saturday I went to see Much Ado About Nothing at The Old Vic,
with Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones.
They set the play during the 40s, from the costume I suggest at the time of the WWII.
I really like it because of the costume, and the song and instrument add in the play, such as ukulele and harmonica. I did enjoyed the diversity of the actors, from the old grandpa dancing, to the boyscout who hide to smoke cigarette but catches the villain.
And of course Vanessa was amazing !
Even though, I didn't understand everything, I'm glad I'm building up my Shakespeare Knowledge.

 Young Vanessa.

Rachel Kempson, Vanessa's mom,
 in this family all the girls are beautiful !!!!
(one of Vanessa's daughter plays the mom in The Parent Trap)

lundi 14 octobre 2013

Dalston Car Boot Sale Treasure

at Beyond Retro.

A lovely place near Dalston kingsland station,

a £2 plate, 

a Duke Ellington record, the guy told me he bought it in Tel-aviv, a very priceless one, apparently.

wouhouu Rita Hayworth !!

and at last a £4 coat with oriental embroidery, 
I don't know yet how I'm gonna wear it, but I'm exited to build a story around it !!