vendredi 3 février 2012

Taiwan Day three - Bitou Cape and Chuifen


the breakfast, they eat a good breakfast, wich is good!

yuyu outfit

Yu Chen's outfit

Coat: All Saints
hat, bag: ASOS
shoes: Vanessa Bruno

elementary school

The elementary school Bitou (wich means "la pointe de nez").

Such an anusual place for a school, just on a cliff, quite affected by the sea and the rain from the coast. You can just wondering around the school and take a walk around the coast.

The weather was quite wild, windy and wet!




fisherman village

the fisherman port, just under the hills.
I ate probably the best fish of my life (even the head)
Yu Chen's Dad said that the skin had a special taste, that He thought the fish must have been taken lately ! Precious

sea roche

chuifen street 2

After Bitou we went to Chiufen. An old Gold mine on a hill. The asian who visit France says that it's like the Mont Saint-Michel. It was tricky to get up here. It was so crowded, cause everyone is on holiday after the new year day, and its a touristic spot.
well we finally took a coach in which I was standing next to the door, and the road was going up in zig-zag - scary-

So there is a lot of tourist shops, and the food is very nice.
we didn't have time to visit the mine, either the Gold museum.

weird food

A weird food: some peanuts pouder in a wrap tortilla, with 2 ice cream, and some coriander.
Basically you feel just the cold of the ice, the peanuts mix with the coriander - héhé!

chinese sweets


ghiufen streets

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