mardi 27 août 2013

New Icone - Ursina Gysi


Ursina Gysi - quatorze juillet

Ursina Interview 

dimanche 4 août 2013

Saatchi Gallery - P A P E R - exhibition

Ann Toebbe
The Doctor's Wife
Cut paper, paint, acetate, glue on paper

Dawn Clements
Sumi ink on paper

 I had a rather cultural tuesday. Going to the Saatchi Gallery and discover this great exhibition PAPER .
thoses 2 first artists are my favourites.

I like the first one for this up to details collage of the interiors of those kitchens belonging to wives of different social categories. It does look like a doll house, you just removed the roof-lide, or like the familly left not a while ago, and just went in another room; It feels like playing SIMS, and having quite a curious eye on how those people lives.

"Dawn Clements’ works use drawing as a way to document and describe durational experiences: watching a film, for instance. Employing a painstaking precision of description and often writing notes directly onto the paper, Clements uses the act of drawing as a parallel to remembering: these are aides-memoires, attempts to hold transient things in the mind. Like the tracking shots of cinema, they sweep through interiors, gathering visual information, but by eliding the human presence, abstract place and setting from their narrative contexts."
PS: I'm crap at writing so I'll rather quote.

 Han Feng
Floating City
Tracing paper (laser print) and fish tackle thread

Jodie Carey
The Daily Mail - Arrangement One
Newspaper, stained blood, tea and coffee, wire, oasis, concrete urn

Marcelo Jácome
Planos-pipas n17
Tissue paper, bamboo, fiberglass and cotton thread

Nina Katchadourian
Lavatory Self-Portrait in the Flemish Style #4

 Aurel Schmidt
Body Swallows World
Pencil, colour pencil, acrylic on paper

  Paul Westcombe
Coffee Cups

Ry Fyan
The Metropolitan Meth Silo
Acrylic and ink on panel

Yuken Teruya

amazing tree cut out of well-know brand shopping bag . So delicate. 

Richard Wilson

Site Specific Oil Installation: 1987, used sump oil and steel, dimensions variable

 srtiking installation, especialy as you arrived in the space you're not sure if the floor is a mirror apart from the strong and powerful odour of oil.
"Richard Wilson is one of Britain's most celebrated sculptors. He is known for his interventions in architectural space which draw heavily for their inspiration from the worlds of engineering and construction and are characterised by concerns with size and structural daring."