lundi 6 février 2012

Taiwan Day four - Hsinchu and Neiwan

yuyu's outfit

Yu Chen outfit of the day

basic outfit

The Taiwanese girls wear ugg, wide jumper, often trainers, and this bleach jeans, couldn't find one for me !!


The Bridge in Neiwan, the only thing you can find interested in Neiwan. Personaly, Yu Chen as well I think, we won't go back another time. there is nothing interesting to see, just food and touristic stalls, and shops, and the food is not really amazing.
As a touristic spot Chuifen is better!

ice cream ?



little house



train station

To Go back to Taipei, it takes us approximately 4h hours. we waited 2h at the station to get in a train to Hsinshu, to discover there that the TGV was full, so we had to go back and take another train !! aaaaa frustrating.
So we played warship cause we watched Restless the day before, and they play it in the movie!!


Yu Chen is wearing an amazing All Saints coat !!

sweet potato



of course I get sick ...


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