mardi 30 août 2011

Colours Shoot in Hampstead Heath

emily colours

diana & malin


mika & malin


carmen & mika

san & carine


Thanks to Carine, I discover Hampstead Heath parc.
this place is lovely, like a little village!
I like the mix of very colourful face painting and black clothes!
was a great shoot
thanks everyone
lovely to be able to do a shoot with Carmen again !!!

vendredi 26 août 2011

Amelie Rousseau for Carrone vintage

Well My four sheer dresses are available on Carrone Vintage via asos.
it was a desire frome the designer of Carrone Vintage and me to create those dresses.
wich I believe correspond to a desire of the summer trend, and match the 70s revival of this fall.
I hope you gonna like them, there are so amazed to wear !!


Amélie Rousseau for Carrone Vintage
Black & sheer Long dress


Amélie Rousseau for Carrone vintage
Sheer maxi Long dress


Amélie Rousseau for Carrone vintage
Black and sheer short dress


Amélie Rousseau for Carrone vintage available on :
Sheer short dress

Photo credit : carine ottou

dimanche 7 août 2011

Wait on Sunday Morning

Piano frame

round the clock



back's dress

Nice sunday dress, perfect to go to church or to a coktail or a garden party !
Basically she's waiting for har husband to come back so they can go!

dress: vintage from yellogreenwatering's etsy shop
handbag, glasses, book : vintage
bangles, earrings, shoes : model's own

model : Emily
photographe, stylist : yellowgreenwatering