vendredi 14 février 2014

Eudon Choi - London Fashion week - AW 2014

This London Fashion Week, I was happy to be able to discover more closely the designer Eudon Choi. The show started with the sound of hysterical fan shouting, loudly. You could think The Beatles were about to pop out, and play one of their famous tunes.
But instead the show open with the pretty face of a ginger haired model, named Anastasia Ivanova.
And there we go, a match of checked coats and jackets, stands up collars, asymmetric flared sleeves, colorful suede 70s inspired shoes, knitted mitten, and beautiful immaculate one piece. The outfits Rock'n'Roll on 60s hit and I can get no (more) satisfaction. 
All what I love !!

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