dimanche 23 février 2014

A quiet little Sunday

This Sunday I finally had the time to make a pillow cover, for that ikea cushion I got. I reuse the fabric of a blouse I made during my Uni years, out of samples of fabrics from a 80s brand I think, that I found, lost in the photocopy room.

 It look greats next to the other one I got, and little Totoro loves it !

And I prepare my trip to Paris !!! I haven't been there in nearly 3 years.
I bought a japanese book that gathered shop that sells antics, and second hand objects and curiosity in Paris.
I don't understand a word of Japanese, but the book doesn't lack in pictures, and all I need is the address and I can check by myself.
It's the second book I have from the Paumes edition . The first one being about vintage shops in London, again very nice and the selection is good. They have a very nice selection of volume about interiors i

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