mardi 25 février 2014

Patterns Of Magnificence

Making some research on internet, and looking through a mountain of blogs of all kind is a tough work. Well I thought, it's been a long time I haven't checked on Susie Bubble's own. I dare say, I'm glad I did. Her blog is quite rich of informations and pictures, maybe sometimes the length of the text put me off, and I feel overwhelm by the flow.
And then this article about a costume exhibition going on at The Hellenic Center, a place I never heard off, strike me straight away. I must see this by myself, it's ending this Sunday !! And what no more convincing than a video presentation by Mario Schawb.
So by this Monday sunny matinee, here I go near Baker Street, to that curious place to admire Greek Costume from the 19th - 20th  century gathered under the name of Patterns of Magnificence
What a blow, it's beautiful, the embroidery work, the mix of pattern on the outfits, the hair pieces, the different layers! My arts and history classes, from High school and Uni came back to me. It's a shame those little gems of exhibition are not enough well known, but I'll keep my eyes open !

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