dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Two Weeks in Lyon

Never I will be bored of the charming city of Lyon. Being scared of not having a proper summer (hot weather+being out of London), I was glad to found a sunny month of September, in my home town. My 2 weeks where filled with bicycle rides to my best friend's flat. The usual drink on a boat, alongside the docks of one of the two rivers that separate Lyon. I finally went to the musée Gadagne dedicated to the history of Lyon. The building is beautiful, especially the stain glasses windows and the staircase. 

I bought this lovely h&m vase for my mom, and having no flower to put in, I stole a few from the plant of the public square. 

I love those random street concert ! It gives such heart to a city. 

The famous brioches à la Praline.

The antique market called : Les Puces du Canal

Le Domaine de Clairefontaine, where we went to have lunch, as my cousin works there as a Patisserie Chef. We had loads of goodies because he knew we were coming ! It was so good !!! 

la cathédrale de Lyon.

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