dimanche 21 septembre 2014

Tiverton surroundings, Devon

Something not new new. But that what you get, when you use an old camera, and you have to wait for the film to be used entirely. Here is some more photos of my weekend in Tiverton.
Finally being able to see and touch the pictures freshly developed feels like a treasure !! I was very happy with the result. Actually the camera that I used was given me by a friend, and seems more like a toy than anything else. But I love the light on the photos. Probably due to the 200 ISO film that I used (I think, I'm no professional). I'm so glad that the sea, the sky and the clouds are so defined. The colors of Devon are so lovely an changing. 
Having photo developed, and using an old camera makes the process of taking pictures so special. Enjoy !!!

Wild Horses !!!

This old bridge !! Basically, if you got the good car, you are able to cross the river. Actually the road stop there, then you have the river, then the road continue on the other side. Shame I left my 4x4 in my ranch hé !

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