lundi 27 octobre 2014

SABOTAGE, 1936, Alfred Hitchcock

This sailor suit !!!! 

Last week I finally went back to my local library, to have look at their movies selection. I always end up with 10 in my hand, with no idea which one to choose.
 Anyway I left with 4, among them one of the early Hitchcock. It's part of a collection of what is called his "British years".  
Sabotage is a really good one. I liked the fact that some scenes were shot in Famous part of London. The actress Sylvia Sidney has such a pretty face, and her 30s suits are so well tailored. She is married to a mysterious man who seems to be absent form his house during a city light blackout. His wanders are being watch by an undercover cop, who took the job as the grocer next door to the little cinema that is run by the couple. Obviously he's quite keen on the young wife, and rather protective over her younger brother. 

There is 2 important quite stressful tense scenes, very well played. You can definitely feel what genre Hitchcock will master in his most important films. 

The dinner scene !!! 

Some more pictures of pretty Sylvia Sidney.

One of Sylvia Sidney's latest role was as Juno in Beetlejuice.

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