lundi 18 octobre 2010

What I was waiting for !!!

AA rabbit

AA hatter

AA queen of hearts

AA all

So I was waiting for the new Halloween ideas of costume from American Appareal !
Even if, for me this brand is a bit too much expensive and is in a bad position,
I still really like the concept and their ideas especially the one for Halloween ( I remember last year the Scoubidou one )!
So I have to find some clothes to make me a Alice in Wonderland outfit !
( I already done the all outfit of Sandy ( summer nights) in Grease, but it's a secret )
This is pictures from the windows of the AA shop in Carnaby Street .
So now it's your turn to find THE good idea for a great party !

2 commentaires:

  1. allezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz COMME PAR HASARD
    nous a Paris les vitrines de AA sont tristessssssss
    mais les vendeurs Mignons ...

    Mais voila...çà suffit pas <3

  2. Such an amazing window display!

    and anytime! i put one on Lookbook to! advertising ;)