mercredi 13 octobre 2010

a little bit of what I have done this last days

in soho

pillars & hercules

In soho when I was lost, to looking for berwick street !

hat in kensington

map in kensington

In kensington next to V&A museum, last sunday ! such a beautiful weather !

mitcham- child house


wind blow

messy garden

next church lane


house 2

When I was looking for a charity shop next where I leave, I discover such lovely place
( and at last the charity shop was good, I found a pair of sunglasses at 1£ )

beyond mad men

beyond retro

cheshire street

le doi

england map

brick lane

Brick lane last Monday <3 Beyond retro
I bought one the famous ' jupon' so flared !

my garden

my garden 2


My garden, In most of the London garden there is spiders wich build so huge web!

2 commentaires:

  1. Elles sont très très jolies ces photos ! Les lampes-chapeaux, on retrouve les mêmes dans la maison Stella Cardente. J'adore ! :)

  2. ça donne envie de sauter dans l'eurostar pour aller se balader dans ces jolis endroits !