lundi 4 octobre 2010

Vintage Birmingham

vintage birmingham

carrone stand

sailor dress

our stand




Hi !
This week-end Carrone vintage was part of the Birmingham vintage market .
It was the first time I went outside of London. It's a little bit far from it ( 3 hours).
But that ok, I'm use to travel by car, and the landscape seems like France.
But the weather was so so bad this day, so rainy !
So there isn't a lot of people, but next to the market there is a huge shopping mall call the Bullring,
with a very strange architecture ( and next to it there is an old church, the contrast is amazing).
the next time I'll take picture of it !
So we met very nice people, and this trip was really good, so we will come back on next sunday!
( For the occasion I made some chocolate cookies, and it has been very successful !! )

Monday I made a little trip in Tooting ( where I live youhouu!! OMG the best place ever, I'm joking! but anyway that's ok !), in the different charity shop,
and I found some lovely cheap books, I'm very glad !

some picture was take by Carine

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