vendredi 22 mai 2015

Getting lost in Rome

Experiencing the beautiful city of Rome, during the first real sunny days of summer was such a marvel ! This is my second time in the Italian capital, and already it's becoming mine. I was able to see the city in a less busy period compared to last year (I went during the canonization of the popes). It's so relaxing to be there! The sun makes you feel so much better, add to that the clear blue sky.

Me and my friend didn't plan on the clock our wanderings. So we got slightly lost, or went to the wrong museum haha.  I was looking for a painting by Vittorio Mateo Corcos. We found it at the Galleria Nazionale D'Arte Moderna. What a gem of a museum !! The gallery was nearly empty, and there was so much to see. I was so happy to contemplate the few portraits of La Marchesa Luisa Casati by Von Dongen and Boldini. And above all, round a panel I came face to face with one of the master piece of Gustav Klimt !!!!! I was so happy !! Then we wondered in that museum and took many picture. Especially in the kind of patio, in the middle of the museum (see next post).

I love the atmosphere in Rome. Especially the Trastevere area, and the French bit around piazza Farnese and campo de Fiori. I love that each city and eara have there own food tradition, and they are the best where they are from. You can get really good food in the supermarkets. I should have eaten that way last time I was there, instead of going to restaurants.
I like the messiness of the city. One morning I had to buy a tube ticket, I didn't have cash and the machine wouldn't take card, and none of the ATM around would work. So the "tube lady" opened the door, to let me pass as she didn't see how she could help me !
Being familiar to a city in which you don't live, and in which you're not from is so great !

Love it !

I love that place, one day I will go, it's seems like a cabaret.

The patio in the wrong museum haha, The Galleria D'Arte Moderna


This amazing installation ! 

Giovanni Boldini - Luisa Casati

Vittorio Matteo Corsco - Sogni, 1896, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome

Kees Van Dongen - Luisa casati 


In the strange patio inside the museum.

Villa Farnesina 

I think this is Saint Louis des Français church.

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