mercredi 22 avril 2015

A windy day in Whitstable

The weather being really nice lately in England, three of us jumped in a train, (actually a train, a bus and a train), to the lovely seaside town of Whitstable.
I always get impatient and exited, when I find myself walking from the further away station, up to the center of the town; Eager to finally see, with my own eyes, the charms of the surrounding, and to discover what the small streets have to offer. 
Well, we were not disappointed. We spend quite a time walking along the seafront, breathing the air laden with the fresh scent of sea salt; Taking pictures, picking up shell, and filling our eyes, and mind with this long desired landscape. The beach is actually full of broken shells, that goes on to small rocks down to the sea.

We spotted that small restaurant named Samphire, on the high street, before going charity shopping (I love going the charity shops in small English town, I always found the best stuff!). 
I'm not sure how to pronounce the name of this place, neither what it means, but we had a delicious meal, that I will remember for a while. I don't want to sound pretentious, but being french and used to that well known cuisine, it's hard not to be picky, sometimes.
The three of us had the same dishes. 
Gnocchi with beetroot, goat cheese, spinach and walnuts, coated with coffee liquor. 
It was delicious !!!! We were trying to have all those different taste in our mouth at once.
Then we couldn't resit to the apple and pear crumble, with gypsy tart ice cream. The crumbs were just baked, not too much sugar, and the contrast between cold and hot was perfect. We had to ask the waitress what was in those recipe.

We spend so much time enjoying our food, that we had just an hour to visit all the nice shops before they closed.

The black board of this one was saying "maybe" for being open on Sunday. Well it was not.

I really like the small selection in Anchors aweigh vintage, and the display inside.

Franks had a very nice selection of illustration books.

We had some time to kill before our train depart, so we went back to wonder on the seafront, taking silly pictures, and for myself making some so called "land art" with the shells. 

Another shop that is worth mentioning is Oxford street books. A second hand book shop with million of books about many subject. I was so happy to find this one, with a good selection of Man Ray pictures and beautiful portraits. My friend found a nice one with Aubrey Beardlsey drawings for a good price.

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