mercredi 27 août 2014

Knightshayes Court, Devon.

During a lovely weekend in Devon, my friends and I pay an express visit to a curious castle. As my friend said, "you must see it, the wallpaper are so extraordinary". Taking pictures being forbidden, and having my mind so focused on all the little details that this house has to offer to the eyes, I didn't thought of taking cheeky pictures with my phone. So you'll have the small one that google images has to offer.
 Knightshayes is a Victorian court house designed by William Burges, who was linked with the Pre-raphalites and William Morris's crew,  for the Heathcoat-Amory family. The later made their fortune in the Lace trade. The house was commissioned by Sir John Heathcote-Amory in 1867 and the foundation stone laid in 1869. Build in a Gothic revival style, the relation between Burges and his client being not successful, the decoration was finish by John Dibblee Crace. The couple having no children, the house was given to the National Trust. The inside decoration is very unusual for such a big house. Each room has it's own story and wallpaper with animals, and tangled flowers that recall the Art and Crafts movement. The furniture are heavy and well curved, all the details, and daily objects are added in each room, hats, gloves, top hat, etc. 
I loved it !!! It's so worth it, the garden is so nice.  The billiard room, is so amazing too, the stones on the ceiling are carved in animals that represent the 7 Deadly Sins. 
There is so many details to notice in this house, I really want to go back, and have times to really look at everything more closely.
Joyce Wethered, the lady of the house used to be a famous golf champion alongside her brother, the greatest British woman player of all time, so they say. A room is dedicated to her, and to golf. 
The couple didn't really bother to give the house to their relations, well it's good so we can see it !

John Heathcoat-Amory and Joyce Wethered.
Joyce swinging (look at that calf !)

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