mardi 3 juin 2014

Three On A Match - Hollywood Babylone: Early talkies before the censor at the BFI

A few weeks ago I went to see two Hollywood movies made in the 30s, before the censor. It was part of one of the great film festival (Hollywood Babylone: Early talkies before the censor) that happened at the British Film Institute.
It was my first time at the BFI, and I was really exited to see some proper old movies on a big screen, especially as they project the original roll of film (well, not for the second one, Red Headed Woman, as something was wrong with the projector).
I really wanted to watch Three On A Match (1932), because its starred " the debut" of Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart. It tells the story of three young classmates who have very different characters, and expectations, and how they behavior will evolute when they get older.  The characters played by Joan Blondell and Ann Dvorak are really interesting as their actions and doings are kind of swap, when they grow up. Obviously, as it was before censor, you have a mix of love, drugs, gambling, gangster, kidnapping, divorce, ad to a tragic end. Without mentioning the lovely costume of the three friends, the luxury outfit of Ann Dovrak and then later Joan Blondell, and those swimsuit during the beach scene, amazing !!!!! I had a special crush on the little boy, so so cute when he uttered "Ah! Gee! that was swell ", after drinking some water before going to bed. 

Joan Blondell

Joan Blondell & Bette Davis

Humphrey Bogart 

The Gangsta !

Ann Dovrak

the Schoolgirls

Beach outfits - Bette Davis & Joan Blondell

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  1. Those beach outfits....those suits and hats... the hair styles...and how brilliant to see the original film rolls projected too.