jeudi 19 juin 2014

That 70s Party

Last Saturday, my friend Emma and I had a little 70s Party !!! I did my hair and make up out of the blue, just trying to make volume !

I'm wearing:
Blouse, bangles : H&M
Skirt : second-hand from a yard sale in the Netil House.
Belt : from Pakistan but bought at Princess May Car Boot Sale
Earrings: Urban Outffiters

Some Inspi :

Miss Pandora as Loulou de la falaise and others.

Jane Forth 

Biba style

Potiche de François Ozon (2010)

Passe Ton Bac d'abord de Maurice Pialat (1979)

Pictures from my book The Beatles, pictures from the Daily Mail.

1 commentaire:

  1. Great first photo - looks like a good party.
    I have grown to love seventies style (have you come across Vintage Vixen's blog by the way? Vix is 70s amazingness personified).
    And to answer the question you asked me about books: mostly I buy from bookshops - either new or secondhand as I think it's really important to support the actual shops. I try not to buy online, from sites such as Amazon and I will only do so if I really can't find a particular book anywhere else. I use the libraries at university a lot too.