jeudi 1 mai 2014

Vintage shops in Rome

 I am just back for my little trip to Rome. There was so many museums, churches, buildings to see, that I forgot to check where I could find some vintage shops, and my Lonely Planet guide wasn't providing that information ( a really good guide anyhow). As those are the gems of my trips abroad, I was concerned to find some. On the 4 day of my trip, my friend and I were strolling and loosing ourselves in the Centro Storico area, nearby the Piazza Farnese, Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori. Then we found ourselves in the vintage shops place, as they are all next to each other !
The Italians vintage shops definitively have something special about them. The quality and  conservation of the leather goods are amazing there, something you will not see in London, and Paris. I am a regular customer of Beyond Retro, just to give a way of comparison.
The prices are acceptable, sometimes a bit too much for my liking, but you have a wide choice. Most of the shirts that you will found there are silk, and not that smelly polyester. there are many funny pieces as well, from the giant 70s trouser to the crazy plastic bikini.
In the last one we visited I purchased a lovely printed shirt with golden square button, and pointed collar, for the nice amount of 20 euros, which is fairly good !
I was able to pay by card, something I was happy with, as I run out of cash (something you need to have on you in Rome), and I couldn't pass by with that lovely garment. 

 Rosa Croce have a very nice set up inside. They have some very good quality vintage shoes around 100 euros. hey proposed some new accessories as well, but just the inside is worth seeing, and browsing the nice printed dresses.

Via Di Parione
00186 Rome

 So cute !!!!!!

110 Via Del Governo Vecchio
00186 Rome

( some of my pictures are mixed )
Something that we noticed with my friend is that nearly all the owners where smoking inside their shop ! Ah Rome !

The lovely silk shirt I bought in Lavorazione E Recupero on Via Del Governo Vecchio. 
As I said, all the shops are next to each other, so you're sure to find some treasure during you stay in Rome !

Something I should have bought : (

An antic shop nearby, with some vintage German books, and other wonders.

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