dimanche 4 mai 2014

Rome - Churches - Chiesa

One of Rome's marvel is obviously the numerous churches. Where you can gaze without limit at amazing piece of art for free, such as master pieces by Caravaggio or Bernini.
You will need to plan well your days in Rome as to see them, and not getting there when they are closed, or when there is a service. Which happened to me several time, but I think I didn't do too bad at the end, anyway, Rome I will be back ! 

Chiesa Santa Maria de Trastevere.

 Look at those little scouts sitting in row, just before the church service !

Chiesa Santa Maria Del Popolo.

A very beautiful one, very intriguing with her skeletons. I couldn't have a proper look due to the service, but I took many pictures so I let you imagine at the ones I couldn't take. That tells you a bit about how wonderful this church is !

Chiesa Santa Maria Della Vittoria

I had to kill time in Rome before going into Santa Maria Della Vittoria as it was closed during lunch time, on Sunday, like many places in Rome. 
You are blow-minded by the richness of this church. Who would guess this inside opulence behind this withe facade, especially as this chapel is a bit on its own, next to a big traffic light. But obviously I had to see the beautiful sculpture of Bernini, The Ecstasy of Saint Therese. The master piece is smaller than I thought ( but big enough when you think it might have been a huge piece of stone at the start), and quite high up, and inaccessible. I guess you get a better view of the details on a picture from internet.  But among its marble surrounding, its quite marvelous. I do think, as well, that you might have a better opinion of the inside if the weather its not as grey and rainy as it was when I went. I'm glad I took a little time in that quiet temple, free from the rain. Yes, Rome as its little weather caprices !

Basilica Di San Giovanni in Laterano

This one is a huge one ! Very beautiful. Many popes are buried there, as its a Basilica. When you are visiting many churches in Rome, at some point, you're feeling as they were all the same. I think I need to take more time in each of them, and really appreciate their difference. But it is hard as there are so many.
In way I'm glad that 2 other one I wanted to see, where closed, so I will appreciate them more during my next stay in Rome ( such as Basilica di San Clemente).

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