vendredi 5 décembre 2014

It's settled, We're moving to Lewes, Sussex.

Last Saturday, 3 explorers headed to the big megalopolis town of Lewes. 
A small burg one hour away from London, and 20 minutes from Brighton.  Lewes sits on a small hill, surrounded by more hills, with its charming Castle on the top, its High Street, and above all its cow field !!! We didn't visit the Castle as we wanted to save some time to check on the green hill we could see above the houses.
Also I found this great article about the vintage and antiques shops of Lewes.

Near by the ruined Castle you will find a wide piece of grass with a few group of players. Players of what ? Good question. Us french thought it was a heavier version of your dear "pétanque". This game though not identified, we had pleasure watching its participants, properly dressed and all concentrated to strike the ball. 
It was so peaceful, and the weather so perfect, a not too cold, fresh autumn day !

Spying over the fence. 

This round (hobbit) house was apparently occupied by Virginia Woolf at a time.

An old shop filled with old books, that smelled like a wet dog. We figured out that the books were part of the architecture, so basically, you can't take them, if so the walls crumbles.

My crew, yo. 

A town full of Antiques !!!!!!! 

This shop, Closet and Botts, is my "Coup de Coeur". The outside and inside decoration and set up are lovely. 
Ceramics, linen with an old style, candles. They, as well, sell vintage look like clothes made from old 1940s rayon !!! The design is so lovely !

We finally ate at a great great café, called Flint Owl Bakery. It was so delicious, and in big portion, I couldn't finish what I had ordered. Well after the ham and mustard foccacia toastie, the black quinoa aubergine courgette salad, go and add the huge slice of red velvet !!!
That kept us going to stroll up the hill, to the cow field (golf club), where we could witness a beautiful sunset on Lewes and its surrounding. 
It was a great day, Lewes we will be back !!

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  1. Super cette journée, quel beau ciel bleu. J ai hate de visiter ce village avec vous.