jeudi 17 juillet 2014

The 10th Chap Olympiad 2014

Here is the game where you have to grab your opponent cake, without dropping yours from your cake spoon.

Last Saturday I attended for the first time The renowned Chap Olympiad. I've known about it for a couple of years, but I never got the chance to go. So I joined my friend Alison, who is a regular of this event. I was so thrilled to enter the gates of Bedford Square, where the games took place. The ground was full of tables, picnic clothes and a mix of people wearing the most exquisite vintage attires, head pieces, hats, and explorer outfits ! All what I like. 
To begin with I had a stroll among the participants, to fill my self with inspirations, details, 
the atmosphere of this party. 
As it was my first time, I couldn't take my eyes of the stage. I had to watch every game.
I missed a few, indeed you have to arrive early if you want to grab a table, or to actually get a number and be able to be one of the players of any of those bizarre challenges.
To show your creative skills, strength you have the " Dressage", or the "Jousting", or the more curious " Not playing Tennis", and many more. There is new games every year, this time one involved catching a Ferrero Rocher, thrown in the air with a glass.

I had a great time there. Laughing about all the crazy idea that came in the head's players, as not to obey the rules of the games. For example, during the Dressage, when one of the participant used his horse stick as a paddle, and start rowing on the stage.
The observer, who was commenting the event, and every game, was brilliant. He knew what to say, at the right moment, especially when none of the actions were actually planned ! 

The cake game, and lovely outfits.

A cute little girl.

Preparing for the "Rowler Bowler"

Probably my favorite outfit of the day. 

 The "Dressage", where this alert knight (with many red lisp kisses on his chicks) decide to drop his horse and course the lady. 

The lovely trio of The Vintage Mafia, who each year wear a matching outfit, design this time by Collectif.
The Jousting. Some of the participants end up chasing each other on their bikes, or start a duel to death. 

Alison, with the most beautiful hair and dress, and I.

One of the highlight of the day, was the performance of Mr Muscle, who can reduce your sainsbury's frying pan the shape of a banana, in the most elegant fashion.

The pull the mustache game. - If the mustache breaks in the middle, you measure which team has the most mustache.
the winners of this 10th Chap Olympiad, I really liked the presence of the lady in red, named Fanny.

What I wore.
Dress: lend from Emma
Bag: from a market in France
Belt : H&M
Salomé shoes: TKMaxx

Here is a few picture I manage to take with my broken vintage camera.

In pink, the lovely Sadie Doherty,  from The Vintage News , always here to cover any vintage event.

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