lundi 24 mars 2014

Le Monkey Club - Lyon

When in Lyon, I visited a place called The Monkey Club. A newly restaurant, cocktail bar (they do Absinthe), that have a British atmosphere. With old English maps on the walls, portraits and others beheaded animals, it should remind you of the times when Jack Ripper was threatening the London population. Something that stricken me was the taste of the water, a quick interrogation of the waiter, yeah those monkey's bottle used to contain Whisky !
The food was really nice, surprising, filling. I had a fish with vegetables paella, join with an orange sauce, my sister had something more meaty, a Cordon-blue, with BBQ sauce. Happy with our choices, we gently approach the bartender for more information about the recipe. He summoned the Chef, that told us he doesn't really know what herbs he put, but he just sprinkled a handful on the preparation, but my sauce contain orange juice ! Clever. The team was quite friendly, and relax, very nice atmosphere. Next time I'll come to try the brunch, or few cocktails ! 

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