vendredi 25 janvier 2013

Tristana - Bunuel - Deneuve

During my time off, as I was sick, I borrowed DVD at my library. Strange library as they have not a single french book, but some old french movies and others classic films that are most unknown for the "amateur" .
So I ended up watchin Luis Bunuel's Tristana, with Catherine Deneuve.
The evolution of Tristana's character throughout the movie is quite intersreting and well reprensted by the clothes she is wearing, and espeically her hair. Even if there is not a time line of 15 years (I think so) in the movie you fell that her personaily change so much.
From a little ophran, wearing just black (I want a black beret now) up to the bitter disabled woman, through the young free lover.
The movie was set in the 1930, but the color chosen (black and shades of oranges, ocres to brown), have a 1970s spirit..

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