dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Gothenburg - Haga

Cafe Husaren in Haga 


An Antic shop in Haga, where there is amazing thing really !! Loads of hair clips.

The roof of Husaren's café

The 4th of october was Cinnanom bun day, so you can find in every cafe cinnamun bun, and Husaren were selling the big ones on the streets.


A funny thing. Haga seems a bit like the trendy place to show up, a bit like Broadway market in London. The first time we went it was raining and the streets were quite empty ( it was monday). And on thursday, it was sunny, and the cool-hipster people were sitting outside Cafés drinking coffee. Can's imagine how sunday is !

(I Found this flickr album with nice pictures of Malmo and Gothenburg)

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