jeudi 13 septembre 2012

Huntarian Museum - Chanel make up

Ok, 2 things completly opposite.
first Some pictures from the Huntarian Museum, full of curosity in jars. You can see the skeletton of the Giant Irish who was 2.31m.
Better eat not too less and too much before ! héhé !

 Well and something quite diffenrent. My friends bought me a Chanel smokey eye palette, so I went to the pop up store in Covent Garden to get a little help there. So I got a free make up ! I like it so much !!

Eye shadow: smokey eye n°93 + illusion d'ombre n°85
Eye liner: la ligne noir
Blush: espiègle n°65
Lips: Rouge Allure évanescente n°88 (the one Keira Knightley is wearing for Anna Karenina premiere in London)

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