jeudi 12 juillet 2012


What a shame, my outfit today is 100% H&M. I hate when that happened.
OK, but the skirt is from H&M trend (current collection), and the clutch from Fashion against Aids campaign from 2011.
Nail polish: Barry &M

I spend my day with Anna. We went to see the Ball gowns exhibition at the V&A, and to an old cafe-brasserie-restaurant called Troubadour in Kensington.
I ate the best banoffie pie ever ! The little garden is so refreshing, you feel like you're not in London at all. The music is very cool as well. We stay long just to hear the next track.
the cafe is old from the 50s, and the front side is so nice.

( the washing basin in the loos looks like in Harry Potter !!)

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