dimanche 23 octobre 2011

Brick Lane - new vintage tea shop - still love it

fish eye

street art

rough trade

we try the camera box at Rough Trade

HP hail polish

free popo corn from American Apparel, nail polish from deborah lippmann "happy birthday"


We thought we were queuing for a flea market, but it was an American Apparel Flea market. A whole floor full of rail of AA clothes, but not the nest one of course, just the basics.
I didn't bought tough, I decided that I will bought just vintage or charity shop clothes, or high quality garment !
Anyway the teen were crazy !

AA popo corn

street art bird



street couple

Dsicover a new vintage tea shop: The Vintage Emporium:
14, Bacon street
Brick Lane

banana cake

the vintage emporium


I love this place, more than the other one in Columbia Road
the tea is very cheao compare to other tea shop I've tried !
love it !


I'm wearing:
skirt, scarf: vintage
jacket: urban outfiters
shoes: tk maxx
socks: H&m


more street style available on the Fashion Studio Magazine

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