mardi 20 septembre 2011

My London Fashion Week day 18th september at Somerset house : Mario Schwab

Marios Schwab ss 2012
My new Love !!! He has story to tell, He was the only one who put a board so the model knew what women they have to be on the catwalk !
I was watching his outfits and his inspiration, and I understand his collection and I love it
A bit 40s, fisherman village in Italie, Glamourous women etc ...

marios schwab backstage

marios schwab 2

marios schwab backstage dresses

marios schwab gaze

marios schwab

marios schwab pauline


irina k

oh jimmy

was her birthday

marios schwab final

Marios Schwab and Co

2012ss marios schwab 8

2012ssmarios schwab 7

2012ssmarios schwab 4

2012ssmarios schwab 3


2012ssmarios sschwab

2012ssmarios schwab 8

2012ssmarios schwab 9

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