mercredi 6 juillet 2011

" the lady in grey "

at the entrance

Well there is a new thing I'm trying to do. Thank to one of my friend I get a few vintage dresses. So I'm gonna start selling them on my Etsy account.
There is the first one, wich is very lovely and easy to wear as a day dress.
(I saw a picture of the person wich this dress belong, wearing it in The Orient Express !!!!).
I guess this dress is from the early 70s but it looks so 20s with the accesoiries, I love it !!

Model : Emily ( my dear flatmate )

dress : 1970s vintage
Hat: Tk maxx
Shoes,earings: model's own
Bag,watch: vintage
ring: H&M

closing the door


hat details

grey day dress

2 commentaires:

  1. yes, actually I´m almost addicted to this camera , which I bought in Paris in a Lomography store but the ones at UO are exactly the same ;)

  2. This dress is so wonderful! Looks like a real vintage dress, love it