lundi 6 juin 2011

pieces of Paris - super market - Zaha Hadid - Sugarplump

Le Supermarket 2

super market






Zaha Hadid exhibition next to the Insititut du Monde Arabe
pavillion lend by Chanel, wich gonna take place on each continent

sky roofs

L'institut du Monde Arabe






Sugarplum cake shop

on display

3 range


68 rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris

This day was so funny, we were so tired after partying last night. Yuyu wanted to go to Zaha hadid's exhibition and I wanted to go to the Super market event . So we went to both places, and after that, we were sitting in front of the Institut du monde arabe, wondering if we will join the others, or go somewhere esle. Well, I saw the add for this market event in valentine's blog , and after that she went to a cake shop. So I wanted to go there aswell ( I don't like to do the same stuff as others ^^). After check online we realised it was just two streets further from where we were sitting. So with so much enthusiasm, we get there and it was so nice, the tables outside are old school's desks, and the glasses are empty jam's pots. The fresh orange-carrot juice was delicious. The waitress is english by the way.
( but I dare say that the carrot cake that I ate in brick lane the sunday before was better, sorry Paris but London stay the best for this !!).

yuyu le termomètre famtôme

Yuyu, the ghost thermometre

jardin des plantes
In the Jardin des Plantes

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