lundi 14 février 2011

Random London

topshop window

Topshop Window for this summer

carnaby street

The Kooples in Carnaby street ( now it's open)

jacket potatoe

La jacket potatoe St james tavern picadilly

eurostar toilettes

In the Eurostar toilett ( december )
jumper : beyond retro

church lane

church lane bis

The nicest sun in Chruch Lane during the autumn

milk shake moyster

First Milk Shake with Héloise on Moyster road


From the bus window


Autumn leaves

sac a dos mei

Le sac à Dos de Mei

l'eau n'a pas de prix

Bouteille by Philip Starck for france-libertés

tasse tasse tasse

Made with traditional Tawain fabrics ! <3>

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