jeudi 20 janvier 2011

And Carey Mulligan

"Never let Me Go" (2010)

J'aime l'ambiance, les couleurs, des camaïeux de vert pale, de bleu, de beige
du sable du soleil couchant
splendid drawing from the character of Tommy
I cried a lot

An Education ( 2009)
I love the music with Juliette Gréco songs

Public Enemies (2009)

The Greatest (2009)

My Boy Jack (2007)TV Movie
( weird to see kim catrall with this kind of high neck dress )

And When did you last see your father ? (2007)

Northanger Abbey (2007)

The Sittaford Mystery ( Agatha Christie's Marple)(2006)

And the last but not least :
"Pride & Prejudice" (2005)

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