mercredi 24 novembre 2010

IRM Design

This is a video to present the collection of some of my friends.
When I see that I was just can't say nothing, and very happy that they keep going create garments, photoshoot and fashion's stories, so I can't wait to put it here.
A hope a lot of people gonna see this, because I really love the concept this idea,
the contrast between the pale yellow shades, so clean and bright and the deep colors of the ink/paint stains and drops.
And actually I really like the music and the way that the clothes are showed.
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3 commentaires:

  1. BEYOND RETRO, un shop ONLINE ?! T'es sérieuse ?! Pour quand ? Yooooouuuupi !

  2. Parfaitement parfait !!!!!

  3. Your post is lovely)))
    Super blog dear!!!