mardi 24 août 2010






Emily wotten

On the advice of a friend I decided to put some of my drawing on my blog.
Actually I draw all the times, but I never put it online, because most of the times I draw just like that, because I like to do 2 stuff in the same times ( like watching TV and draw ).
So this drawings are the only one I have in London ! And I just wanted to draw and paint, so that it !
For the moment I don't wanna to talk about the inspiration for this drawing, because I don't the people reconize it, because it's not really obvious ! Perhaps later. And sorry for this because this drawing are not perfect, because I draw and after I look and I thing oh no the head is bigger than the bodyn the hands too blabalaa, and as i don't use a rubber, because sometimes I don't use a pencil soo !!
Ok enjoy it !

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